Dusk by Christiane Jatahy at the Edinburgh International Festival

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Dusk, based on Lars von Trier's 1993 film Dogville opened at the Edinburgh International Festival to rave reviews. 

Jatahy makes slick and artful use of onstage cameras, projecting live footage on to a big screen at the back of the stage. Subtly, discomfitingly, what we can see on the screen starts to diverge from the “real” events on stage, as the villagers start to demand more and more from Graça in return for offering her refuge.

Alice Saville for The Financial Times

The power of the production still wins out, and its ideas – on how we think we would welcome a stranger into our midst, and how we might betray ourselves by inches – stay potent in the mind.

Arifa Akbar for The Guardian