1m, 1f

Adapted from the 2004 Dutch film 'Interview' by Theo van Gogh, based on the script by Theodor Holm.

In 2006 Steve Buscemi remade the film starring himself and Sienna Miller.

Pierre Peters is seriously miffed. A renowned political correspondent, he is being asked to interview TV starlet Katja Schuurman,  just when the cabinet is about to resign. Completely unprepared and unwilling he comes to her home only to realise that this blonde bimbo is an equal opponent. The interview quickly turns into a psychological duel, fuelled even more by sexual tensions. With one clear out come: There can only be one winner!  A intimate play about questions and answers, reality and appearances, truth and lies.

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Theo van Gogh

Born 1957 in Den Haag, Netherlands, Theo van Gogh’s work, be it as columnist, director, producer or actor, is characterised by strong and often provocative political views and messages. But he was also known for being a sensitive director with great patience. His controversial, but always highly acclaimed films include ‘Blind Date’, ‘Interview’, the fictional account of Pim Fortyn’s assassination ‘06/05’. His last film ‘Submission’ criticised the treatment of women in Islam and arouse huge controversy leading to Theo’s assassination.


Theodor Holman

Born 1953 in Amsterdam works as columnist for Dutch national newspapers as well as writing for TV and Radio. He has written several screenplays for Theo van Gogh, including ‘Medea’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Interview’. His latest play ‘Breivig meets Wilders’, a dialogue about moral and ideology, premiered in Holland earlier this year.