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Adapted from her book of thirteen revisionist fairy tales of the same name, this play interweaves four classic plots - Beauty and the Beast, Donkeyskin, the Goose Girl, the Little Mermaid - with an invented one about a   desperate girl going to a witch for help. Kissing the Witch finds the gritty in the fantastical, and excavates magic to find what's really going on.
It appears in Emma Donoghue: Selected Plays (Oberon Books, 2015).


'From Page to Stage in Style', Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco), 8 June 2000

Steven Winn, ‘Magic’s ‘Witch’ Spells Out Women’s Hard Journeys: Emma Donoghue’s Reworked Fairy Tales Are Enchanting,’

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Magic Theatre, San Francisco, directed by Kent Nicholson, 2-25 June 2000. (World Premiere)

University of Akron, Ohio, directed by Rebecca P. Vojanov, 2000.

HAG Theatre, Buffalo, directed by Margaret Smith, 9-24 February 2001.

Suisun Harbor Theatre, California, directed by Jackie S. Hill, produced by SCT, 14-23 June 2001.

Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto, directed by Elley Ray Hennessy, produced by Wicked Women Co-op (BANG! Productions), 14-31 March 2002. (Canadian Premiere)

Access Theatre, NYC, directed by Marcus Geduld, Folding Chair theatre, 4-28 October 2012. (NYC Premiere)