Ambjørnsen, Ingvar

Ingvar Ambjørnsen (né 1956) is a Norwegian writer, who is best known for his "Elling – tetralogy. Volume three, "Blood brothers", was turned into a successful movie, entitled “Elling”, which received an Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Film category in 2001. The stage version of the novel has been staged with great success all over the world. Ambjørnsen is also known for the book series "Pelle and Proffen" aimed at young people. It centers around two detective teenagers, getting involved in all kinds of mystery or crime involving drugs, pollution and neo-Nazism among other things. Ambjørnsen has received many prizes for his writing. In the 1980s he won the prize for the best book for children and young adults: “Pelle and Proffen books”, the Brage Prize in 1995, the Tabu prize in 2001 and the Telenor Culture Award in 2002.