Arad Yasur, Maya

Maya Arad Yasur (1976) is a dramaturge and playwright. She holds an M.A. In Dramaturgy from the University of Amsterdam where she graduated with distinction.
Maya has been working as a production dramaturge in Europe and in Israel, specialising in devised theatre and documentary theatre. She has been the dramaturge of several award-winning theatre performances which tour in festivals around Europe.
As a playwright her plays so far center on issues of identity, exile and war.
Her play God Waits at the Station was commission by UTE – Union de Theatres de l’Europe (an EU initiative) for their TERRORism project. 
Her play Ten Minutes from Home was commissioned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assasination. 
Suspended (previously titled Diamond Stars) won the first prize of the international playwriting competition of ITI–UNESCO in 2014.
Maya received the Habima Award for emerging artists in 2014.

Her latest play Amsterdam won the Jury Pricze at Stueckemarkt 2018, held as part of Berliner Theatertreffen