Badea, Alexandra

Alexandra is a truly global writer-director. Her plays are performed internationally (including La Colline Paris, Avignon Festival and at the Arcola Theatre in London) and many international co-productions, like Controle d’identité (Identity control) a co-production between France, Romania and Burkina Faso, Je te regarde (I’m watching you), a French-German co-production and Europe Connexion, a French-Taiwanese creation.

Her writing is directly linked to current affairs and the realities of the world. Her characters are human beings, they are persecutors and victims of a kind of modern slavery. She gracefully links intimacy, socialism and politics; she questions the different effects of globalisation, the media, liberalism, through restrained but strong language which depicts the modernity of our world and proves herself to be someone who understands the zeitgeist.

She won the 2023 Prix du Theatre awarded by the Academie Francais.

Photograph (C) Richard Schroeder

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