Fiskum, Oda

Oda Fiskum (born 1985 in Trondheim) is a playwright and sinologist educated at the London School of Oriental and African Studies and the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. She has lived in China on and off for the past twelve years and co-founded “Elephant in the Room”; the first professional independent Chinese-European theatre company in China.
In November 2012 she collaborated with the young Chinese director Wang Chong on the play “Ibsen in One Take”, which was awarded “Top Ten Stage Performances of 2012 in China” by Literary Life Weekly. The play has also received good reviews in Europe.
Oda has been a playwright in residence at the Norwegian Center for New Playwriting, recieved several scholarships from the Norwegian Arts Council and the Norwegian writers’ guild, and is currently living in Stockholm where she teaches playwrighting part time at Biskops Arnö college.
She also writes for dance and opera and her 2016 libretto “Team Player” was very well received in Norway. Odas texts have been performed in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Holland, Australia and China.