Moore, Donna

Donna Moore- Creator/Writer/Lyricist/Composer. Donna Moore was doing stand up comedy and had a weekly cabaret show in NYC when she first heard the term “Cougar”. She remembers thinking, “Why are we giving a woman a derogatory name for dating a younger man...what do you call an older man who dates a younger woman? A MAN.” She wrote the lyrics to a song called The Cougar (w/composer, John Baxindine) which became the 11th hour number in her cabaret show- and the rest is history, um, er…more like “her-story.” Ms Moore believes that the Cougar phenomenon is an opportunity for woman of all shapes and sizes to embrace their sacred value through self-love and inner guidance. She lives in New York City where she is doing stand-up, writing a new musical and film, as well as developing new projects including a booklet of her true life account of curing herself of the auto-immune disease, Lupus. She hopes it will offer hope and encouragement to others who are living with the diagnosis. For more information, please go to

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