Myllyaho, Mika

Becoming a writer was a natural step for Mika Myllyaho (né 1966), who is one of the leading directors in Finland. Myllyaho has always been an innovative theatre practitioner, whose vision and artistry have produced a number of memorable productions. As the director of the Group Theatre in Helsinki, he has worked to develop new scripts and performance practices. Myllyaho’s productions are quite accessible and often also funny, but at the same time they provide powerful, complex theatrical experiences. From the autumn of 2010, Myllyaho acts as a general director of the Finnish National Theatre. In his first play, “Panic” (2005), Myllyaho returns to a theme he has often dealt with when directing, the problems of being a man. This comedy, describing the neuroses of three young men approaching middle-age, was a great success, and firmly established Myllyaho as an up-and-coming playwright. “Chaos” (2008) is a darker comedy which humorously takes a stance on women’s life in today’s world whereas the closing part of the trilogy,”Harmony” (2009), is a rough comedy about work and passion.

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