Rinke, Moritz

Moritz Rinke (nè 1967) is a German writer and playwright. He studied at Gießen University, department of drama and worked as a journalist during the following years. In 1995 and 1997 he was given the prestigious Axel Springer Award for his reportages. Several of his plays have been nominated for the Mülheim Dramatists’ Award, including “The Man Who Never Yet Saw Woman’s Nakedness” (1997), which also won the Liechtenstein PEN Club Literature Award, “The Vineta Republic” (2001), “The Optimist” (2004) and “Café Umberto”(2006). In the critics’ poll of the journal Theater heute, “The Vineta Republic” was also voted the best German-speaking play in the 2000/2001 play season. Rinke co-wrote the film script for September which premiered in Cannes in 2003 (directed by Max Färberböck) which coincided with his acting debut.