van den Berg, Magne

Magne van den Berg, born in 1967, is a Dutch actress, dramaturg, scriptwriter and playwright. She is the author of several plays.

Her two-hander ‘Met mijn vader in bed (wegens omstandigheden)’ was produced by Toneelschuur Haarlem and subsequently invited to various theatre festivals across Europe. The play won Magne her first nomination for the Taalunie Toneelscrijfprijs Award in 2014.
Two years later, with her play ‘Ik speel geen Medea’ she won the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs 2016.

Her play ‘De lange nasleep van een korte mededeling’ (Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure) won the 2008 H.G. van der Viesprjis. It will be receiving its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, produced by ATC.


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