Monday, August 20, 2012

Lollike’s environment comedy COSMIC FEAR opened at the festival "Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec" on May 25 2012. The play will later be staged at Théâtre Périscope, Québec between September 23 and October 17, 2012.


An Eco-calypso: The smog is heavy in L.A. The car lines are long and people in Tokyo are lined up around the air machines. In China the incineration plants are burning holes in the ozone layer. In Bangladesh there is a flood and families are torn apart. Brad Pitt thinks the sky is going to fall down on us and he wants so save Planet Earth. His paranoia increases. The climate is a hot conversation theme at Angelina Jolie’s Garden Party. The climate is an impossible subject for postmodern people to involve themselves in. The climate is old news. The climate is the God of our time. The climate is the cause of the African invasion of the west. The climate kills environmental activists – everything becomes more and more overwhelming and reflects how privileged western people deal with lies and facts about the subject. What is true and what is false in the debate about our climate? What happens to us when we are constantly bombarded with threats about the approaching environmental disaster? Christian Lollike focuses on the so-called “Eco depression” through three individuals’ debate about the climate changes. This Eco depression seems to affect vast parts of the western world. The significant signature of Lollike – the constant reconnaissance, defiance and exploding of dramatic conventions also dominate this play, which was commissioned by the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.