hamlet is dead. no gravity - Palmetshofer

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wonderful reviews for Andrea Ferran's production of hamlet is dead. no gravity as part of Volta International Festival at Arcola Theatre.

'Sure, it’s nice to see a hidden gem, but, Christ, don’t miss it. This is a text which I think playwrights need to see performed, and also an outstanding British production of a German-language play that proves they really can have a theatrical life here. And outside “theatre-ecology” reasons, I thought it was just a really great, cynical, brilliant story.' - Andrew Haydon, Postcards From The Gods - http://postcardsgods.blogspot.dk/

'An interesting, experimental look at a family crisis, hamlet is dead. no gravity provides a brilliant showcase of the talents of European playwright Ewald Palmetshofer and is one to check out if you fancy having something to really think about.'    A Younger Theatre - http://www.ayoungertheatre.com/review-hamlet-is-dead-no-gravity-arcola-t...

'It pierces the unsettling instability of family, friendship and marriage. Very good.' - Playstosee.com - http://playstosee.com/hamlet-is-dead-no-gravity/