More great reviews for von Trier's BOSS OF IT ALL

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Is it funny? Yes, some times goofily, some times explosively, some times cuttingly. Anyone who has worked in an office will recognise the habitat and anyone who has worked with artists will recognise the symptoms. Two worlds collide, play rock paper scissors and art wins. Every time." theotherbridgeproject

"The first von Trier adaptation to make it to the UK stage, Jack McNamara’s skilful production for his New Perspectives company does make you laugh out loud....The production has razor sharp clarity....Swift, smart and terrific fun." Boycotting Trends

"It’s a fun, surprisingly action-packed seventy minutes, well-paced and acted. Like all good comedy drama, THE BOSS OF IT ALL doesn’t just play for laughs. It also raises provocative questions about office politics, staff bullying and sexism in the workplace." theatreworldinternetmagazine