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Friday, April 28, 2017

★★★★★  The Observer

★★★★  Mail on Sunday

★★★★  The Guardian

★★★★ Daily Telegraph

★★★★  The Times

★★★★  Sunday Express

★★★★ Sunday Telegraph

★★★★  Daily Mail

‘Unmissable’ – ReviewsHub

‘(The Ustinov) has produced some of the most outstanding plays of the past five years: Intimate Apparel (from the US), The Father (from France). Now here, from Germany, is The Mentor, Daniel Kehlmann’s sharp satire about literary life.’ – The Observer

‘It’s rammed with delicious. It’s simple and wry. It’s kindly and stabbing. And boy, is it fun.’ – Bristol 2/4/7

‘…this genial 90-minute play’ – Daily Mail

Kehlmann’s subject is the artistic ego, the subjectivity of opinion and how much truth anyone really wants to hear. It’s delicious stuff, smart and funny.’ –  Mail on Sunday

Kehlmann’s compelling study of creative anxiety’ ; ‘…full of prickly comedy…’; ‘…a pungent play…’ – Guardian

‘…coolly stylish and intelligent.’ – The Stage

Daniel Kehlmann’s The Mentor is a witty comedy of writerly egos. By juxtaposing a young writer jealous of an older writer’s success and an old writer jealous of a younger writer’s future, it offers an original slant on the classic clash of the generations.’ – Express

‘…a smart, lively chamber piece…’ – The Financial Times

Kehlmann’s incisive wit and cutting lines…’ – Swindon Advertiser

‘..there are witty layers of challenging ambiguity to savour..’ – ReviewsHub


Photos by Simon Annand