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A gripping political thriller that really gets under your skin. Based on true events.

We were educated in the tradition of hierarchy and discipline…we thought…as I still think…that men must serve institutions and power in order to collaborate in their country’s progress.

Arnold Eastman, a veteran politician and member of the Christian Democratic Party, tries to enlist the help of a younger member of the party, Gerhard Bauer. Arnold wants Gerard to do him a favour, a favour that would gain Gerhard ‘prestige’ and help him achieve ‘the highest point of politics’ but this comes at a high cost- murder. Arnold Eastman, a Nazi collaborator and committed horrendous crimes, asks Gerhard to kill the only man able to prove his Nazi past. Has Arnold chosen the right co-conspirator in Gerhard? Will the seemingly naïve and sycophantic ‘youngster’, Gerhard, agree to Arnold’s conditions and choose his career over his morals, or does Gerhard have his own agenda? Deftly playing his hand, Gerhard reels the veteran into an elegant trap, and succeeds. Gerard convinces Arnold to sign a confession of his guilt and involvement in Auschwitz. In return he writes his own confession; to having killed Arnold’s rival and keeper of his dark secret. But unbeknownst to Arnold, this man died a day before of natural causes, so the confession is a ruse and the details of his Nazi past already in the hands of others and on their way to The Hague. This, however, does not bring a sigh of relief, it is not a simple case of good conquers evil but rather vanity and greed that lies at the heart of this bold move.