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5m, 3f + Extras

Music: Peter Spies

By combining myth and fairytale, ATLANTIS the musical conveys the story about a society on the pinnacle of power – about a nation of people who have forgotten where they come from – and a world where deceit and lust for power dominates all the good qualities of man. Jabbadoor the warlord returns from a great war, and wishes to overthrow King Atlas. He worships the demonic war god, king of the flies Baal-Zebub, and with the help of his companion, the treacherous Zan-Zan, he builds a plan involving the young man of the people, Silvan, and his discontented love to Princess Adalena. This outstanding musical ends as Atlantic is struck by an obliterating earthquake and the entire kingdom sinks to the very bottom of the ocean, hereby creating the myth.