Original title: 
Kaldt Produkt
3m, 2f

Nora is an ambitious and successful lawyer. She and her husband Torvald, editor of a skateboard magazine, have been waiting for a child for many years. Nora is just days away from giving birth when unexpectedly Kristine appears, a childhood friend of Nora's. She is looking for a job, and Nora promises to accommodate her as a bookkeeper in her husband's company. Nora, however, has no idea of the consequences her promise has, the magazine in fact is a front for a man called Frode Quale who whitewashes money he earned dealing drugs. Fearing his best laid plans will collapse Frode threatens Nora in saying that he will reveal her biggest secret, this leaves leaves her with only one option - take the bull by the horns.

An anarchistic retelling of Ibsen's play A Doll's House by one of Norway's most prominent figures.