Original title: 
2m, 3f

The Konda family: father, mother and daughters Helena and Pina, live in a veritable jungle war in which all fight for space and attention. Narcissism knows no limits. Mrs. Konda loves her job as an actress diva on the big stages, but misses a young and passionate lover in her life. Mr Konda is weary of the world and longs for the Parisian boulevards and the poetry of Baudelaire. The nervous and insecure daughter Helena longs for an every-day life of happy medicaments for a change, and falls in love with the young Andreas, who is more interested in her younger sister, Pina. Pina is 14 years old. The unruly and controversial Pina simply wants attention at any cost. The young, pompous Andreas somehow want it all. In this grotesque comedy, Aleksa Okanovic portrays the modern nuclear family construction and its pitch into narcissism in a family on the verge of a breakdown.