12m/f, 2 dancers, 5 musicians – it can be done with less or more

This is one of the biggest successes in Iceland and has been produced at Iceland’s National Theatre for several seasons. It is the story about one of the most famous personalities of France, Edith Piaf. The play contains songs from her extensive catalogue and portrays her turbulent life and career chronologically: From her upbringing among prostitutes and criminals in Paris to her life as an admired diva in the biggest music halls of the world. We follow her in her rough times and in the euphoric periods of her life, and we are introduced to the important personalities surrounding her. Besides Piaf there are two important characters, P1 (a poet) and P2 (a kind of historic) who link together various time planes and create a bridge between historical facts and fictitious elements. The text is delightfully light even though it contains several dark chapters. It is dramatic and concentrated in a theatrical form which will enchant the majority of audiences.