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7m, 6f + Ensemble

1956. The Glamour Wedding of the century. A fairytale come true. The Queen of Hollywood marries the Prince of Monaco. ‘Grace’ tells  the story of the transformation of Hollywood superstar Grace Kelly to Princess of Monaco Gracia Patricia.

Used to act a role, used to being centre stage, used to the limelight and the cameras  Grace Kelly takes on the part of a lifetime  when marrying Rainier of Monaco. But there is no script, no director to guide her finding her way around the expectation of a court, a country, a people.  She needs to fight on her own, through highs and lows, to define her role as wife, mother and princess. And she does so with the same discipline and talent she  used to steer her acting career. Grace Kelly is the devoted wife, the loving mother to her kids, and the beloved princess of the people. And just when she has mastered the role tragedy hits. Gracia Patricia is killed in a car crash – a myth is born.

The story is supported by well-known Hollywood soundtracks as well as Fifties big band music.

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Book and lyrics by Fred Berndt & Jörg W. Gronius

Music by Stefan Mens