minmum of four

Joni already felt like she was different and wrong, and that was before she woke up to find a black hole in her stomach. The only one who seems to understand her is her younger brother and when the black hole threatens to swallow everything, they realise that it is up to the two of them to travel the great expanse of the universe to find a solution, before it is too late. Satellites in the Night Sky is a tender portrayal of how children perceive the world and takes the audience on a wild journey through the imagination, on a quest to fit in and belong.


‘Grønskag’s text glides effortlessly between sweeping existential themes and the intimate, but not uncomplicated, relationship between parent and child. Satellites in the Night Sky ask fundamental questions about the nature of unconditional love. The play also interrogates how we express ourselves, how we understand each other, and how we reach out to one another. Satellites in the Night Sky is another strong play in Grønskag’s row of inspiring and convincing theatre texts for young audiences.’ / The Norwegian Ibsen Award Committee, 2019 nomination

‘We all have one universe within and one universe outwith ourselves, and Satellites in the Night Sky explores both the possibilities and the loneliness inherent in this fact. There is something comforting about the openness of the play, in the same way that Joni’s urge to explore is comforting; the bravery with which she faces even the utmost despair. There is something comforting about the end as well. Grønskag has dared to make the play somewhat open-ended and while Joni’s difficulties are not all resolved, she does discover something that makes them a little easier to bear.’ /Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet.

’Reading this brilliant text […] might cause you to worry about how to bring a mother crocodile, a Laserbeam Moonshine princess, or 44 space elephants to life on stage. This weekend’s performance taught us that we need not have worried. If there is one theatre made for producing Satellites in the Night Sky it must surely be Theater im Marienbad.’ /Bettina Schulte, Badische Zeitung

‘The play is not a tragedy, but neither is it a comedy because the questions it poses to its audience are far too radical. […] At this year’s ceremony we are celebrating an outstanding and uncommonly rich piece of literature. The Prize Jury has rarely before been so unanimous in our decision’. /The Jugendtheaterpreis Baden-Württemberg Jury, 2018

‘Universal, funny and heart-warming. […] all expressed poetically in small flashes of fantastic luminescence. With Satellites in the Night Sky the Jungesbühne has created a small but universal masterpiece.’ /Jeversches Wochenblatt

‘Dear teacher, now it is up to you. This is not a cultural breathing space in your daily routine, but a golden opportunity for learning and emotional growth for your pupils. Put on your teaching hat and consider Joni from the perspective of one of your pupils. Maybe from the perspective of the boy who seems to be struggling at home, the girl who is always a bit overly creative in class, the troublemaker, or the constantly angry one.’ /Kristin Børsum Hernandez, Drammens Tidende.

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Satellites in the Night Sky was longlisted for the 2016 Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis, winner of the 2018 Jugendtheaterpreis Baden-Württemberg and nominated for the 2019 Norwegian Ibsen Award.