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Seventy-two fishing boats worked out of the harbour in its heyday and Connie’s Warmhouse used to be packed with fisherman who netted good catches and turned up with banknotes poking out of their pockets. Now the last fishing boat has been chocked up, but the group of people who were dependent on the local establishment still continues to come every day, recalling tales of the good old times, and harking back to a simpler age. Simultaneously heart-warming and melancholic, The Warmhouse is a slice of social realism full of humour and tragic depth. The play is set in the month before Christmas and as is customary for any Christmas tale it ends with a glimmer of hope for its characters. Hope notwithstanding, ‘the play never descends into just feel-good drama’, as one critic put it. 


‘Anna Bro and the strong creative team amps up the authenticity so that it practically oozes of real human experience […] But the humanity and the truthfulness of it make its reach so much wider. You are sat there staring at your own wasted life – on route to death and oblivion. And still, the play manages to soothe the sting – with a boilermaker!’ Monna Dithmer, Politiken

’This is a frankly brilliant example of a play you can see – or why not say must see – if you think that theatre is too high-brow to be for you. […] The Warmhouse is a play that warm you when the times feel cold’. Jakob Steen Olsen, Berlingske

‘I have seen a lot and felt a lot in the world of film, music, and theatre, but when I left the theatre that night, I felt like I knew these characters and had a relationship to them. In one and a half hours I was made to love and care for people who do not exist – But they do! That is almost the best thing of all. Let us give The Warmhouse 6 stars!’ Pia Mathilde Blichtfeldt Henriksen,

‘With a sly wink and witty comments, the dialogue starts out in a light register, but soon enough misfortunes are cleverly woven into the characters’ lives and The Warmhouse gradually morphs into something different while Christmas Eve approaches. Anna Bro has written a captivating play which embraces both laughter and tears – and everything thrilling in between’. Anne Aumayr,

‘Anna Bro is only thirty-three, but her writing speaks of the life experience of someone several generations her senior’. Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information

‘Anna Bro has written a brilliant play. It gives true heart and warmth to every character. It is entertaining and extremely authentic. […] It has raw strength, it has temperament, it has humour – all that and more!’ Niels Erling,

’If you are tired of elves and gingerbread but still want a bit of Christmas spirit, drop by Husets Teater for a knees-up with the inhabitants of The Warmhouse. You will never forget them and always be grateful for their hospitality.’ Thor Kristjan Kidmose,

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2014 Reumert Award for Best Dramatist